What does the NBN mean for Wagga?

Wagga Wagga is a city located in New South Wales. The city is filled with over 60,000 people from all walks of life. We are a passionate bunch of locals who love our city. Now we get to see the development of the NBN coming to Wagga. We haven’t been this excited since the Chiko Roll debuted at the Wagga Show.

The NBN means a lot of good things for Wagga and I’ve decided to put together some of these benefits to share around.

The NBN means…Competing with the big cities.
No longer will we be held back by or regional location or our smaller size. The NBN will connect us in ways never seen before and enable us to compete with the big guys in the cities without breaking the bank. The NBN is breaking down the economic and geographic barriers, exposing us to a whole new global market, right from the heart of our community in Wagga.

The NBN means…Supporting our kids.
Our kids are our future and with access to the NBN we can help create the citizens of tomorrow. NBN gives them access to a whole world of new information and resources that before were simply out of reach. They can take their learning to a whole new level and with the world at their feet, their dreams can become a reality.

NBN means…Better health resources.
Our loved ones will now have greater and more frequent access to the best doctors without waiting months for them to visit. With the NBN enabling Telehealth we can connect with the top specialists without the burden of costly travel. Patients can connect with their doctors via sophisticated technologies all powered by the NBN.

NBN means…A better economy.
The NBN provides enhancements for all businesses in the region both big and small. This boosts businesses and helps lower unemployment rates. It also means better resources for the local university and educational institutions like TAFE making Wagga a more liveable city. As a result, attracting more students to come study and stay in the region after they finish their study. All this growth builds our economy up for the future.

NBN means…A growing city.
The high quality NBN infrastructure evens the playing field for Wagga, in business, education and family life. This coupled with lower living costs and lower rents make Wagga the perfect place for people to live. The NBN enables Wagga to continue to grow onwards and upwards.

NBN means… Connecting to those who matter.
The NBN makes it possible for you and your loved ones to stay in touch no matter how far apart you are. This is perfect for our students at the university and others who are separated from family. No longer will anyone miss the classic Wagga 5 o’clock wave. The great connection with the NBN means you can show everyone in real time just how great Wagga is and stay connected everywhere in the world.

NBN means… Better connected homes.
Forget buffering, lag and the frustration that comes with one antiquated internet connection being shared in a household of people. The NBN makes it possible for everyone to access high speeds for streaming and games all under the one roof.

NBN means… The freedom to work smart.
Work smarter not harder with the NBN. With regional offices and small business locations, having the ability to utilise a flexible business model is great. You can grow your business and reach a greater potential using the speed and reliability that is delivered by the NBN.

The NBN is coming to Wagga and our future looks as bright as can be.

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