5 Benefits of VoIP

One of the essential parts of any business is the phone system. It used to be that there was only one way of having a phone system in your office which was the traditional telephony network. But for a while there has been a new player in the telephone game, Voice over IP or VoIP. VoIP uses an internet connection to let you make and receive calls. It is cheaper and of a higher quality then traditional telephone services.

To better understand the importance and benefits for moving your business to a VoIP service I have rounded up some of the key benefits of VoIP services.

Cost saving

This is a benefit that every business has to love. VoIP services can cut your telephone bills by more than half which gives your business extra cash flow to inject into other areas. Not only do you cut costs on installation and maintenance but the call rates of VoIP calls are also significantly lower than traditional telephone services.

Higher quality

Some might associate lower cost with a lower quality but it is quite the opposite in the case of VoIP. VoIP calls are clear, crisp, with no lag, latency issues or call drop outs.  You need to be able to trust your business phone system and with VoIP there is no worries.

So, VoIP is cheaper and better quality then traditional telephony but if you still need convincing that VoIP is the way to go, read on.

Call Features

VoIP services introduce your phone system to a whole host of new features. Video calling and conferencing become two features that are easy to use which open up opportunities for your business. Also available is electronic receptionist that can direct your calls to the right department which increases productivity within your business.


VoIP makes connecting and disconnecting uses a breeze. Instead of the hassle of trying to estimate how many phone lines you will need for the next year and paying for ones you don’t, VoIP services allow to you connect and disconnect users easily further ensuring cost savings. A new user can be created as soon as you have a new employee and when an employee leaves their service can be easily disconnected or reassigned.

Easy to move

You can move your phone around the office, change location or even be travelling and you will still be able to log in and use your phone number. No hassles no fuss. Just another benefit of using VoIP services.

So VoIP services are high quality phone services packed with features, easy to use, easy to move and on top of that is cheaper than traditional low quality telephony.


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